Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Second Week :)

It has been a most amazing week. I think art will tell more then I can. The most incredible thing is how fast it can be done thanks to the tips from the workshop!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

end of the fist week

Day 5 - 17th of November, Thursday

"Anatomy in the Box"

After 2 days spent indors in Imaginism Workshop Studio we suspected that monsters started to breed around. Matt explored first and almost got eaten. We went to the garden too. Most beautiful place with little gnomes :)

It turned out anything can be made out of a box and it helps drawing too.
I loved today’s assignment - draw a figure with lines.

Day 6 - 18th of Noveber, Friday

"Shadow on the Box"

It was time to draw some tones on Friday. All the previous steps join to create a straight path to draw quickly. It turned out there is a way to look for funny stories in everything. I always had troubles with that. Thierry gave us an recipe and all the guys around help me to look at the other side of the world. I feel like opening to world as I'm supposed too :)

boxes everywhere

Day 3 - 15th of November, Thursday

"Do Not Draw Head in the Box Draw Head As the Box"

It was one day of analyzing human head structure, but I found time to draw some more.

We all went to diner with Imaginism Studio crew. Good food in an excellent company - it as perfect as it can be.

Day 4 - 16th of November, Wendsday

"Life Outside Box"

We have spent most of the day with Booby Chiu. Some of the workshop was about technique of painting digital and some was about how to convey information with a drawing in efficient way but the best part in my opinion was more general.
To make dreams come true one must know what the dream really is.
The theory sounds elegant if not simple.
Pulling dreams out of my head.

There was some more heads to draw that day :) The whole point is to draw with mind.

Imaginism Workshop - first days

Day 1 - 13th of November, Sunday
The journey was very pleasant for a 9+ flight : )

Thierry gave us sketchbooks and pencils and we had some grate time drawing together waiting for Jimena’s plane to arrive.

Finally all of us together :)

There was even more drawing for us after supper to test our computers. I must say I enjoy drawing on Cintiq a lot, but at midnight Toronto time (6:00 am Warsaw time) I was totally exhausted so I tried my 'safe' subject - can not go wrong with horses.

Day 2 - 14th of November, Monday

"Main Tool When Painting is Your Mind"
On our very first day I was learning about the qualities of the box and unwrapping the box inside my head.

I’m loving Thierrys lessons :)

It actually helps to box things up. It helped a lot with the homework

Monday, 21 November 2011

time for a blog!

It’s the highest time for my blog I think :)

It’s been a week since I came to Canada to take part in Imaginism Studio Workshop. The course is not only about becoming better at drawing and painting. It’s about becoming a better artist in all dimensions. How to think about art, how to work with clients, how to make yourself positive about work and a lot more.

When I was accepted to this course more then 4 months ago I new it will be life changing experience but it is much more then I expected.

I’m staying at Imaginism Workshop house with Thierry and three other participants of the workshop Jimena, Matt and Filipe - talented artist from all around the world. Check out their work.