Monday, 16 January 2012

Birthday Card

Birthday gift for my friend - Anna Muszewska :)
Anna is an artist in Biotechnology and constant inspiration for me. She is passionate about fungi and evolution. I hope that some day soon she can create a team of her own. She is so full of energy, ideas and always look for ways to resolve problems - both on scientific and management level. After working in best institutes in Poland and cooperating with scientists all around the world she is on the best way to success. I keep my fingers crossed for her. You can see articles on PubMed to know exactly what she is up to, but those are scientific papers so be warned :D 
Anna loves scotch terriers too and I had some trouble putting fungi and terrier into one illustration. Hope you like the result.

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  1. Hi Daria,

    We've had some contact quite a while ago when I pointed out that "Zersen" was a surname from Germany and also through immigration in the U.S. I enjoy looking at your art online and noted a barn landscape that interested me. We live in Wisconsin six months of the year and Wisconsin barns are something very special. I have been trying to paint them (acrylic), but I have a lot to learn. I painted your picture of a barn and wanted to send it to you, but I'm not sure how to do that without an actual email address.

    Best wishes,
    David Zersen